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About Rails:

Rails is a program that lets you play the 18xx series of board games. Rails supports hotseat mode and can act as a moderator to speed up face-to-face games. We plan to support an AI, play-by-email and network play. As Rails is made using Java, it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The first 18xx games were designed by Francis Tresham. There are many 18xx games and large list of game designers. The 18xx genre is kept alive by the many folks subscribed to the Yahoo 18xx mailing list.

Supported Games:

Currently, Rails supports playing 1830, 18Kaas, 1889, 1856, 18AL, 1851, 18EU, 18TN, 18GA, 1835, 1880 and 18NL


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1830 auction1830 map
1830 stock market1830 status


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